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    Where the tradition of Italian cooking grows not only from the earth but also from the passion of the Colella Family who have lived on the Island of Ischia for over 200 years. Read More
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    Learn the secrets of authentic Southern-Italian cooking in an informal environment with Mama Tina and Papa Salvatore. This beautiful Italian couple has been preparing delicious Ischian cuisine for over 30 years using recipes that have been passed down from their parents and grandparents. Read More
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About Us

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Ischia is in the heart and soul of this family whose ancestry on the island goes back for generations. In fact the Hotel Poggio del Sole property which is situated just above the restaurant, was originally owned by Papa Salvatore’s family; while the land where Ristorante LaCasereccia is now located, was originally passed down through the generations of Mama Tina's family. It was clearly, a match made in heaven. The section of land separating the two they purchased together after they married, uniting both families' land and creating the hotel and Ristorante LaCasereccia as they are today.

Each family member contributes to the running of the restaurant in their own unique way:



Papa Salvatore
Papa Salvatore specialises in making liqueuers, cultivates and produces wine, olive oil, fresh pasta and preserves






Mama Tina
Mama Tina’s crafty handy-work in the kitchen produces delicious, traditional Southern Italian, home cooked meals





Lorenzo’s famous woodfired pizzas are said to be the best on the island. Acquiring his skills from a pizza-maker in a famous Napolitan pizzeria and adding his own personal touch, Lorenzo has perfected the art of pizza making - try it for yourself!




Amerigo’s skillful maintenance and technical eye make him a great help with the physical functioning of the restaurant




Giuseppe will assist with your every requirement while dining or staying with the family, making your experience as care-free and comfortable as possible. His expertise from years in the hospitality industry make him the person to ask should you need anything at all



Nonna Assunta (Salvatore's mother) can be spotted at times overseeing the making of the pesto made with fresh bunches of basil picked from Tina's garden behind the restaurant. She lends a helping hand with Salvatore's preserves as well as making a delicious Ragu sauce.